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Project Mini Golf was created for the Indie Gamemaking Contest 2018. You play mini golf as a wizard trapped in a dungeon while avoiding deadly traps and fighting off monsters. The game was inspired from our childhood. The long and the short of the story is they don't let you whack things with a putter in real life, so we made this game. The game will continue to be underdevelopment so expect future updates! We hope you enjoy it.

 Programmer/Designer- Brian Pangburn

Artist- Chris Pangburn


CombarMiniGolf Final (2).zip 242 MB


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Hi Brian, I tried to download and play this game, but it was for Windows only.  Can you please indicate the platforms you support?  Thanks.

Also the ZIP file was named "CombarMiniGolf" (instead of Combat) for some reason :)

Yea it's just pc. Sorry about that. More than likely it's misnamed cuz when I submitted this I was exhausted and frustrated at the same time and just wanted to be done with it. I didn't even notice lol